Rebuild Foundation is a nonprofit organization that endeavors to rebuild the cultural foundations of underinvested neighborhoods and incite movements of community revitalization that are culture based, artist led, and neighborhood driven.

 Black Cinema House hosts screenings and discussions of films by and about people of the African diaspora, and offers video classes to neighborhood youth, teaching the next generation how to tell their own stories.



The Dorchester Art + Housing Collaborative (DA+HC) is a rehabilitated block of townhomes that serves as mixed income residences for artists and community members. The nexus of the DA+HC is the Art Center, a hub for many Rebuild programs.



Dorchester Projects encompasses the Listening and Archive Houses, which are home to the Dr. Wax, Prairie Avenue Bookshop, Johnson Editorial, and University of Chicago glass lantern slide collections.



The Stony Island Arts Bank is a repository of African American culture and history, a new kind of cultural amenity - a hybrid gallery, media archive, library, and community center.